Why do I play music? The simple answer is that for me, the act of playing music provides me with an environment in which I no longer have to wonder “why am I here?” , or “what is the meaning of life on this planet?”. When I’m playing (or perhaps this should be amended to say, when I’m playing in the correct frame of mind), nothing exists except the moment at hand and the sounds that fill it – there are no worries about the past or the future, no wondering if or how I’ll make the next car payment, no speculation about whether or not my teeth are white enough or my breath fresh enough, no commercials….you get the point. When it’s really going right, all of that other stuff just melts away and there is only sound and the moment. With or without the sound part, being truly in the moment is the state in which I believe life is meant to be lived, and music has always been my most consistent inroad into that state. What better reason could there be to play?

Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life could be in that zone? What’s stopping us?